Cultural Programs

DRAFT: There may yet be changes over the next couple of days.

Renting the Argyllshire Gathering Halls for the week allows us to run a “cultural program” alongside the active events. For many people this Gathering is the trip of a lifetime. We will have attendees from a range of backgrounds and physical abilities, and we know that despite our best efforts to make this as affordable as possible, perhaps everyone can’t participate in every event. It’s also likely that we don’t all have the energy or stamina to be hiking up mountains and taking bus tours every day.

Alternatively, attendees may have travelled to Scotland several times (or live here) and are familiar with the sights and scenery and are looking to deepen or broaden their exposure and understanding of Scotland, Argyll, and the MacIntyre homeland and traditions specifically.

This programming will be open to the general public. With the exception of the talks by  Àdhamh Ó Broin (for which tickets will be sold in advance), we will collect payment at the door, allowing flexibility and spontaneity in your Gathering program.

Possible events for the cultural program, with schedule to be determined later:

  • Weapons demonstration.
  • Battle strategies through the ages.
  • Cooking/recipes/home life.
  • Gaelic lessons.
  • Dancing lessons.
  • Walking songs.
  • Craft/spinning demonstration.
  • Book readings from MacIntyre authors.
  • History of the MacIntyre Clan: book launch by Dr Martin MacIntyre.
  • Genealogy talks: how to find your family history, construct a family tree, how to understand DNA testing, etc.
  • Poetry recitals from the winners/shortlist of the school poetry competition.
  • Gaelic choir performance, possibly also teaching Gaelic songs.
  • Blether/panel discussion with folks who grew up in the area and are incredible sources of rich tales and folklore.


These activities are still “proposed” until we have sufficient registrations to cover costs of running each event or activity. We will do our very best to provide activities as listed, however, they may be cancelled or modified due to bad weather, lack of attendance, changes in availability of transport, or any other factors beyond our control.

If a tour is undersubscribed and is cancelled, we will work with you to find a replacement activity or tour.

Please read the event descriptions carefully and use your own good judgment as to whether an activity is within or outside your physical ability. If you feel it might be beyond your ability please tell us as soon as possible. We will do everything in our power to provide modifications or assistance, but in some cases it won’t be possible or feasible for some people to take part in some activities.