Argyllshire Gathering Halls

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Breadalbane Street
Argyll and Bute

PA34 5NZ

Located in the centre of Oban, the Gathering Halls will be the beating heart of our MacIntyre Gathering, and I have booked them for the entire week! The Halls will serve as a central meeting point/mustering point, a reception and registration desk, and there is even a loading zone out the front that will allow us to load the coaches for bus tours, and shuttle buses to activities, tours, and hikes. The Gathering Halls have capacity for 100 people seated theatre-style in the centre room,and 280 seated in the ballroom.

The Halls also have a small reception/foyer area, where we will showcase MacIntyre history, artifacts, Clan genealogy, and where we will welcome day visitors from members of the public, Argyll residents, and tourists to Oban to learn about our Clan and the Gathering. We anticipate offering stall space to local artisans, to showcase what is available locally.

We will also showcase what the Clan MacIntyre Trust does to conserve and mark historical sites and artifacts of interest and importance to the Clan. 

The Gathering Halls will be the venue for our welcome reception and banquet, and will host the events on the cultural program. We will have various talks and demonstrations, in addition to some Gaelic lessons.

Due to unpredictable weather, it can be difficult to plan outdoor activities in Scotland, particularly in the West Highlands. There is no guarantee that events can go ahead as planned, that boats can sail, that buses can tour, or that BBQs can be lit. At the 2008 Gathering, a marquee was erected on the Taynuilt Sportsground for the duration of the Gathering, and this place served as a central mustering point for MacIntyres. However, this was not a wet-weather proof option, as evidenced when high winds blew the marquee onto a kinsman’s car.

The Halls will serve as our “Plan B” contingency backup in case extreme wet weather rains out any event, activity, or tour – because in the worst case scenario, we can redirect everyone to the Gathering Halls, order pizzas, and open the bar. That sounds pretty lovely.

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