There are three ways to get from Glasgow or Edinburgh airports to Oban:

There are three main ways to get around the West Highlands

  • Hire a car.
  • Public bus.
  • Taxi.

All our bus tours and activities will depart from the Argyllshire Gathering Halls, so if you don’t want to drive/take taxis/buses, I would recommend finding accommodation in Oban itself. The Gathering Halls are right downtown in Oban. We will also provide a shuttle bus from Oban to the Taynuilt Highland Games on Saturday, 21st July, and back again. If you are staying out of town and hiring a car to get into Oban, you will need to find parking.

Shuttle Buses

To facilitate the movement of hundreds of MacIntyres from Oban to the Taynuilt Sports grounds for the Highland Games, we will charter at least one coach. This will act as a MacIntyre shuttle bus back and forth between Oban and Taynuilt Highland Games, reducing pressure on the infrastructure of the Highland Games, particularly with respect to finding parking for cars, relieving the volunteers coordinating vehicle movement, and reducing traffic through the very small village street. It will also provide safe and reliable transport from hotels to the Games for those who are not familiar with driving on the left side of the road, not to mention those of us who might enjoy a whisky or few.

Running the shuttle buses will bring several hundred visitors to Taynuilt, a village situated in a rural area of Argyll very close to the ancestral home of the MacIntyres. It will also increase the capacity of families to bring their young children along to the Games and will allow young people from Oban to travel out to the Games with the MacIntyre Gathering. This will increase the youth experience of the Games, furthering their engagement with the Gathering, with the Clan, and with culture and history.


These activities are still “proposed” until we have sufficient registrations to cover costs of running each event or activity. We will do our very best to provide activities as listed, however, they may be cancelled or modified due to bad weather, lack of attendance, changes in availability of transport, or any other factors beyond our control.

If a tour is undersubscribed and is cancelled, we will work with you to find a replacement activity or tour.

Please read the event descriptions carefully and use your own good judgment as to whether an activity is within or outside your physical ability. If you feel it might be beyond your ability please tell us as soon as possible. We will do everything in our power to provide modifications or assistance, but in some cases it won’t be possible or feasible for some people to take part in some activities.